Some photography

I'm Hailey, I like photography, I use a Nikon D5000

st4rbuc-ks asked:

omg your run! whats your 5k PR?

Hi! I can’t remember the exact time but I think it’s somewhere around 22:30!

Anonymous asked:

Can you take pics of your legs and feet?

no thx

Anonymous asked:

Do you live in the U.S.? I was wondering because I'm from Hawai'i & im moving to the mainland and i have never seen some of the products you take pics of before..

Yes I do!

holdthesunlightbackx asked:

Your photos are perff *-* Mind checking out my blog? <33

Thank youuu! I’ll check it out :)

rreeves109 asked:

Hey you took a photo of red and white striped fuzzy socks. Do you know where you got them?

I got them at Bath and Body works I think

vmvzing asked:

If you're afraid of people stealing your photos, then you should watermark them. :)

I usually do but recently I’ve gotten kind of lazy plus sometimes people edit them out ((who has the time to do that)) but thanks haha :)

strowberries asked:

you're my new fave

Aw thank you ☺️

3kjskittles asked:

What is your instagram?


I&#8217;m back?

I’m back?

because-fries asked:

Do you care if I post some of your pic on my insta?

Sure just please credit me